Help us spread the word about this year’s conference!

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Attention speakers, volunteers, past and future attendees, and all open source citizens across the world: We need your help spreading the word about this year’s conference!

We’d like you to write and publish a blog post about Open Source Bridge. Tell people why you’re attending, why you’re speaking, why you’re volunteering. Share your passion and encourage others to do the same.

Need some specific inspiration? You could write about:

  • the awesome PHP/Python/Haskell/… talks
  • the awesome “cloud” talks
  • the awesome hardware hacking talks
  • the awesome business talks
  • the awesome lawyer-ly talks
  • the awesome operations and sysadmin talks

Be sure to send us a link to your blog post so that we can promote it here.

Don’t have a blog? Send your writing to us and we’ll post it here on the Open Source Bridge blog.

Don’t want to stop there? There are lots of other ways to get involved.

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