Join us for a work sprint on May 1, 2010

Photo by Igal Koshevoy

Our mighty volunteer army hacking away at our last code sprint

The next Open Source Bridge volunteer sprint will be this Saturday, May 1 at the Market Street Pub. We’ll be there from 11am till 5pm, but you can come to as much of it as you’d like. Add this event to your calendar.

Come help with volunteer tasks for Open Source Bridge, likely including technical work, outreach activities, and …?

This week:

Please join us Saturday, May 1, 2010 beginning at 11:00 am for a Volunteer Work Sprint.

Stuff we’ll work on:

  1. Planning for contacting attendees and speakers
  2. Planning around an art display and reception at City Hall
  3. Writing blog posts to get the word out about our awesome talk lineup!
  4. Strategizing around sponsorships
  5. Work on documenting requirements for enhancements to Open Conference Ware around email contact management of speakers
  6. Discuss possibilities of using combinatorial search to help plan the schedule
  7. Plan for the next sprint on May 8, 2010 for Open Source Bridge, where Leslie Hawthorn, former program manager for the Google Summer of Code program, will be visiting and helping us plan!
  8. Or whatever you think would be helpful.

Please join us!

Thanks and see you at the sprint!

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