Volunteer Sprint #2 – Stuff We Did

The volunteer work sprint on Saturday, February 27, 2010 focused primarily on logistics planning for the upcoming conference.

We had several enthusiastic volunteers help out with:

  • Preliminary Hacker Lounge Planning.
  • Initial draft of the Master Conference Schedule.
  • A review of open logistics tasks and filling in any missing gaps in Redmine.
  • We came up with some new ideas for Extras including Shanghai Tunnel Tours.
  • We talked about how to organize non-tech interest-based dinners — beer brewing, sci-fi fans and “war stories,” as a few examples — to make attendees feel at home socializing.
  • We started planning how we’d provide information to attendees about important topics like best local breweries.
  • Using the Hacker Lounge to do audio-processing so we can post session recordings the day after they are made

Finally, we took a tour of the Mark Building at the Portland Art Museum. Where, if rumors are true, this year’s Open Source Bridge is slated to take place.  There were many ooh’s and aww’s. Classy was another word frequently used to describe the Mark Building.

A big thanks to Scott Garman, David Cato, Jason La Pier, John Prohodsky, Jonathan Leto, Wendy Gabbe Day and everyone else who joined us for the work sprint and tour.

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