Volunteer sprint #1: stuff we did

We had our first volunteer sprint of 2010 at the Daily Cafe in the Pearl today.

We had about 13 people show up over about four hours, and got off to a great start with the many small and large tasks required as we build up to our call for proposals!

Things that people worked on:

* User group contact spreadsheet update
Jason and Scott started the process of updating our user group database in the google doc! They got though verifying over 50 user groups that were contacted last year.

* Draft #1 to announce the call for proposals to user group participants
Additions, suggestions and revisions are welcome. The URL was posted to the mailing list.

* Processing of audio
Ed worked a bunch on processing the audio from last year’s conference!

* Specification of the workflow for registration
Igal, Eric, Selena and Reid went over requirements that were documented from a meeting last week by Sherri and several people created detailed diagrams.
A group of us then worked through exactly how the registration is going to work, and determined that a newly-discovered third party service would likely meet our needs, as long as we could extract money from it weekly (they currently only offer money extraction *after* the event :D). Reid will check in with the service on Monday about this.

* Marketing progress
Christie documented a ton of tasks for the call for proposals release, and helped us refine our processes a bit.

* Sponsorship contacts
I spent a little time following up with sponsors.

* Open Conference Ware
Audrey made fixes to rake tasks and improved the documentation!

Thanks everyone, and look forward to another volunteer sprint announcement in the next day or so!

Photo courtesy of bushtick via a Creative Commons license

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