Visually documenting open source citizens

Today, John Labovitz proposed an interesting project to us. It makes use of the Open Source Bridge exhibit space and it promises to capture yet another angle of the open source citizens attending the conference:

I’m working on visually documenting the people and culture of the open source community. As a long-time programmer and user of free & open source, community-developed software (I’m one of those “11 or more years” veterans that Selena mentioned), I totally see the passion and enthusiasm that’s in the air here. I thought it would be fun to set up a formal portrait studio at Open Source Bridge, somewhat recalling the simplicity and directness of the Victorian-era studios (minus the cast-iron neck braces and corinthian column). I’d love to talk to you about your projects and help portray the face behind the code.

I’ll be shooting with a medium-format camera on black and white film; after I develop & scan the film, I’ll post the images at with a Creative Commons license (CC-BY-SA).

I’ll be in the Exhibition Hall (B), just to the right of the Starbucks, on Thursday and Friday from noon to 4pm. Please do stop in!

Looking forward to seeing you at day 2 of Open Source Bridge, tomorrow.

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