Tracking Open Source Bridge conversations, photos, posts, and more

Well, well, well. At long last, we’ve come to the day. Open Source Bridge starts today!

We’re really looking forward to seeing everyone, hearing your feedback, and seeing your photos. So is everyone else.

First things first. If you’re not already following OSBridge on Twitter or OSBridge on Identica, please do. We’ll use those accounts to keep you up-to-date on changes, retweet astute observations, and announce cool happenings throughout the event.

Or maybe you’re more into the FriendFeed? You’re in luck. We’ve got a FriendFeed room dedicated to Open Source Bridge discussions.

[UPDATE] And of course, who could forget (except me) the #osbridge IRC channel? Thanks to John DeRosa for reminding us.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s make tracking the Open Source Bridge conversations as easy as possible, shall we? We shall. Here are a few tips for tagging your content.

  • When you’re tagging your content on Twitter and Identica, please use the #osb09 hashtag. If you want to use #osbridge that’s fine, too. But it will cost you those precious extra characters.
  • We’re hoping a few of you are bringing cameras. Please make sure to tag photos osb09 and osbridge. We’ve also established an OSBridge group on Flickr for your photos, so join and add away
  • And of course, we’re likely to see a bunch of blog posts about the conference. Again, using osb09 or osbridge tags and categories would be appreciated.

Thank you for attending and sharing your content. We can’t wait to see what you’re saying—and seeing—at Open Source Bridge.

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  1. Posted June 17, 2009 at 7:08 am | Permalink

    You forgot to mention the #osbridge IRC channel.

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