Speaker Focus: Sherri Montgomery and Get off your asana and move!

From 6:15-7pm on Wednesday afternoon. We got connected to her through Christie Koehler, who is managing volunteers on-site during the conference AND giving a talk on Tools for Freelancers.

Preparing for Open Source Bridge

As the date for Open Source Bridge gets closer I’m feeling some butterflies about offering a session on yoga at a conference for developers. I am excited to work on a series that is short compared the the usual classes I teach.

I’m very interested on getting to focus on caring for those joints that get so much stress spending long hours at a computer or at the end of a long day at a conference. I am looking forward to showing people some easy things they can do when they’ve got a few minutes. Simple yoga that can be done anywhere, anytime, with only the kind of “equipment” you’d find in a conference room.

Yoga is easy, accessible, and a valuable tool for everyone. It doesn’t require fancy props or special packaging. It may have a few complicated terms and techniques here and there, but there’s a large community of people working to help others learn and share knowledge. In a lot of ways I think yoga has some interesting similarities Open Source! I hope people feel free to ask me about my theories after my session on Wednesday!

While at the conference I’m really looking forward to the ‘Teaching System Administration” session since I do a lot of coaching, including sysadmin level topics. As a person without a DBA I’m also very interested in the “5 Things to Know About MySQL If You Don’t Have a DBA” session! I look forward to seeing the “Re-factor Your Brain” session goes, I think it is very complimentary to my session.

I really value and am very grateful to the Portland tech community for encouraging me to submit this decidedly different session.

(Image courtesy edugreen. Used under Creative Commons.)

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