Speaker Focus: Anselm Hook and Ubiquitous Angels

Anselm Hook will be talking about Ubiquitous Angels on Thursday at 11:20 in the Morrison room.

As I’m working along on my project and presentation for OSBridge I’m taking a moment to think about how great the tools are that we have today.

These tools are making it much easier to be an open source developer. It is a whole new world.

We have access to heaps of data through Yahoo Query Language, Open Street Maps, Wolfram Alpha, Twitter, Facebook Connect and even the new effort.

We have access to increasingly powerful tools such as Ferret, Solr, Nutch… gosh and many more.

The open source repositories at freshmeat, sourceforge and especially github reflect a new maturity in how developers develop. We have an excess of riches.

Today you don’t even need hardware – you can deploy an app into the cloud using EC2, or even a free app onto Google App Engine.

We even have open source hardware platforms like the Arduino—going in entirely new directions making it easy to do hardware prototyping such as botanicalls has done.

I suppose all I really wanted to say was hurrah Open Source! If it’s good enough for mother nature it is good enough for us!

Now–back to work.

(Image courtesy salvez. Used under Creative Commons.)

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