PSA: We moved a few talks around (not very far!)

Please note that the following talks changed location, but not the time that they will be presented:

* Advanced Git tutorial: Not your average VCS.-> moves to Fremont

* Open Source Microblogging with Laconica -> moves to Fremont

* Drizzle, Rethinking MySQL for the Web -> moves to Fremont

* Social network supermarkets and how to defeat them -> moves to Fremont

* Organizing a Volunteer-Driven Open Source Community Project -> moves to

* The Scylla and Charybdis of Open Source Legalese -> moves to Marquam

* Virtualize vs Containerize: Fight! -> moves to Marquam

* Become a better programmer by bridging Ousterhout’s Dichotomy -> moves
to Marquam

* What’s New in GCC -> moves to Marquam

No TIMES were changed, so at worst, you’ll have to walk a little further than you thought to get to the talk you wanted to attend.

These changes were made after the program was printed. Sorry for the last minute change! We will do our best to indicate where the changes are on posted placards, and at the registration desk.

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