Monthly Archives: June 2009

PSA: We moved a few talks around (not very far!)

Please note that the following talks changed location, but not the time that they will be presented: * Advanced Git tutorial: Not your average VCS.-> moves to Fremont * Open Source Microblogging with Laconica -> moves to Fremont * Drizzle, Rethinking MySQL for the Web -> moves to Fremont * Social network supermarkets and how […]

Speaker Focus: Lev Tsypin and Drupal

Lev Tsypin will be presenting “Drupal, what is it good for?” tomorrow (Wednesday) morning in the Marquam room at 10:00. My presentation will cover some Drupal basics including history, core concepts, and system structure. From there, we will dig into Drupal’s strengths and weaknesses, finishing off by discussing the types of projects Drupal is best […]

Thanks to our sponsors for helping make Open Source Bridge a reality

With less than 24-hours to go until we open the doors to Open Source Bridge, we’re in the eye of the storm. A brief moment of calm to reflect and give credit where credit is due. We realize how lucky we are. We’ve been able to attract a wealth of phenomenal open source speakers. We’ve […]

Day passes now available: $99 for single day attendance

We’ve had a great deal of interest from some local and Pacific Northwest open source citizens about coming to Open Source Bridge for a single day. And while we’d love to have everyone participate in OSBridge for the entire three days, we realize that schedules and budgets don’t always cooperate. Whatever your situation, we want […]

Capturing the moment: Photography tips for Open Source Bridge

Obviously, we’re very excited about this conference. (We hope you are, too.) And because it’s the first conference of its kind, we want to make sure that we do the best job we can of capturing Open Source Bridge for posterity. And with the ease of sharing photos these days, there’s no better way of […]