Monthly Archives: June 2009

It’s (almost) all over but the after party

We’re kicking off the last day of Open Source Bridge—the unconference day. And while we’re sad to see this entirely volunteer run event coming to a close, we’re looking forward to celebrating what we’ve accomplished with all of the attendees, speakers, volunteers—and the Portland tech community. So let’s do that, shall we? The official after […]

Walking through the hacker lounge

Thanks to Don Park (@donpdonp) for capturing a little of the hacker lounge magic for posterity. Join Don for a quick virtual walkthrough.

Visually documenting open source citizens

Today, John Labovitz proposed an interesting project to us. It makes use of the Open Source Bridge exhibit space and it promises to capture yet another angle of the open source citizens attending the conference: I’m working on visually documenting the people and culture of the open source community. As a long-time programmer and user […]

Hacking public data with YQL in the hacker lounge

Not only is Yahoo! Developer Network the sponsor of the hacker lounge, they also have some stuff for us to hack on. And what could be better than public data? Dig in. Yahoo! has announced that US government data is now available through YQL. Not sure what to do? Well, they have some examples using […]

Tracking Open Source Bridge conversations, photos, posts, and more

Well, well, well. At long last, we’ve come to the day. Open Source Bridge starts today! We’re really looking forward to seeing everyone, hearing your feedback, and seeing your photos. So is everyone else. First things first. If you’re not already following OSBridge on Twitter or OSBridge on Identica, please do. We’ll use those accounts […]