Why I'm Going To Open Source Bridge: Scott Kveton


Three reasons Scott Kveton is going to Open Source Bridge:

  1. “Open” is still such a critical part of not just software but of everything we”re seeing in technology. Hardware, software, platforms, mobile, etc are all better with “open” in them. I”m looking forward to talking with people about more than just “open source”.
  2. Portland is a great place to visit and this is a great event … I”m hoping that we get people that wanted to come to Portland for OSCON here for OSBridge.
  3. I feel like OSBridge is being put on by a great group of people that “get it” and I want to support that beste online casino in any way that I can. Attending, tweeting, talking, shouting, etc are what I”ll online casino be doing leading up to the event for sure … šŸ™‚

Two links he wants you to check out:

Tell us why YOU are coming to Open Source Bridge and we might feature you in a blog post!

Send image, 3 reasons you are going, and 2 links of your preference to info at opensourcebridge dot org with Why Iā€™m Going in the subject line and you just might get chosen.

Tips: Thoughtful reasons, not repeating others, and pandering to organizers will get you very, very far.

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