Why I'm Going To Open Source Bridge: Don Park

Three reasons Don Park is going to Open Source Bridge:

  1. The Portland tech community puts on high quality events. The amazing efforts of the co-chairs and team leads have involved the community at large right from the start. There has been opportunity to participate all year long. Previous tech events have given the experience needed to make a schedule and conference layout that is in touch with the interests of the participants as tech enthusiasts and as creative human beings.
  2. Being part of this open source conference means I am contributing to the ecosystem of free software. I receive tremendous benefit from open source software in Ubuntu and other projects, and this is one way I can give back. I also harness the creative contributions of others when my project is interesting online casino canada enough for others to work on. In a small way I am protecting the four software freedoms as described by the GNU Project.
  3. Open Source Bridge has speakers online slots from all over the country and outside of the U.S. Portland is a hub for open source software so there are local experts speaking, too. I am attending to be exposed to ideas from thought leaders in Ruby, document-style databases, e-voting, licensing, and community management.

Two links he wants you to check out:

Tell us why YOU are coming to Open Source Bridge and we might feature you in an upcoming blog post!

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Tips: Thoughtful reasons, not repeating others, and pandering to me (Lia Hollander) will get you very, very far.

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