Monthly Archives: May 2009

Why I'm Going To Open Source Bridge: Scott Kveton

Three reasons Scott Kveton is going to Open Source Bridge: “Open” is still such a critical part of not just software but of everything we”re seeing in technology. Hardware, software, platforms, mobile, etc are all better with “open” in them. I”m looking forward to talking with people about more than just “open source”. Portland is […]

Outsource Your Travel Plans to Travel Command

I’m excited to announce that we are partnering with Travel Command to help our attendees get the best possible deals on travel to Portland. News flash, money is super tight, and we know you want to squeeze every penny. We get it. Still, we <3 open source, and we know you do too. So, we […]

Get Your Simpson On

If you are a fan of The Simpsons, I”m sure you know that its creator, Matt Groening (pronounced gray-ning, sort of like, raining), grew up here in Portland, Oregon. While you are here for the Open Source Bridge Conference (or before or after) make sure to check out all the connections between the show and […]

Audio Visual RFP

The Open Source Bridge Conference is now accepting bids for audio visual services.

Why I’m Going To Open Source Bridge: Kelly Guimont

Three reasons Kelly Guimont is going to Open Source Bridge: I want to learn more about Open Source from people who are excited to show it off. I want to learn about how to be a better Open Source Citizen. I”m interested in how companies can online casino and do make profits off of Open […]