Outsource Your Travel Plans to Travel Command

I’m excited to announce that we are partnering with Travel Command to help our attendees get the best possible deals on travel to Portland.

News flash, money is super tight, and we know you want to squeeze every penny. We get it.

Still, we <3 open source, and we know you do too. So, we want to get you here to enjoy the awesomesauce we’re cooking.

We also <3 Portland, and so do the good people at Travel Command. They want to get you here too.

Photo by Aaron Hockley, used with permission all rights reserved

That’s why they are waiving their fee and offering to do whatever you need–book a flight, rooms at the Hilton (remember, the all-hours hacker lounge is there), a rental car or car service–anything travel-related.

That’s not all. If you need to change your plans for any reason, they’ll also waive the customary fee for that. Sweet.

Being an Intertubes hero, you’re probably confident that you can search around and find the best rates. You’re a self-starter. We like that about you.

But, take it from me, even with all your ninja skills, Travel Command will do better.


Because they know all the tricks you do, plus they have years of contacts and experience that you don’t. They’re experts.

Sometimes, you need an expert. Just think about your favorite open source project.

Besides, imagine all the the time you’ll save.

Mucking around on the ‘tubes comparing rates takes time, and you know, time is money. So, you’re saving time and money, or more accurately, you’re saving money and money. It’s good for you, and think of all that time you can spend on other things.

So, you’re already registered, right? If you’re not, you should be.

Deep down, you know you should book your travel ASAP because you know you’ll get the best deals.

Don’t wait. Call them right now at 866-319-0384 (or locally at 503-445-2595) and get it done.

You don’t want to be kicking yourself the week before the conference when you’re paying full fare for a flight because all the sweet deals are gone.

As a bonus, if you book right away, you’ll get one of those sweet Portland Perks coupon books, generously contributed by Travel Portland, that you can use to fill your free time here in the Rose City. You might even decide to come early (for some of the Rose Festival maybe) or stay after the conference to take in the sights.

Photo courtesy of Aaron Hockley on Flickr used with permission, all rights reserved. Did you know Aaron will be photographing the conference?

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