Love the LEED

While you are in Portland, for Open Source Bridge, feel free to revel in our LEEDy goodness. What”s LEED? It”s a rating system created by the U.S. Green Building Council and stands for: The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

We have a number of buildings in town that are LEED certified, but I want to hi-light just three:

200 Market Building
The first legacy (re-furbished) office building in America to earn the Gold LEED certification.

Ecotrust”s Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center

The first gold-rated LEED building in Oregon and the first gold-rated LEED historic restoration in the nation.

Historic Portland Armory
The only historical building in the nation to have earned a platinum LEED rating. And home of Portland Center Stage.

All of these dgfev online casino building are easily accessible by The Portland Streetcar or by foot.

Do you feel the need, the need for more LEED? Sign up for the Portland Green Pedal Bike Tours. Cruise around town on bike, while learning more about Portland”s commitment to sustainability.

I promise you, you will return home with grand thoughts of recycling rain runoff and salvaging building supplies dancing in your head.

This post is based on my original posting at A.R. and Proud.

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