Get Your Simpson On

If you are a fan of The Simpsons, I”m sure you know that its creator, Matt Groening (pronounced gray-ning, sort of like, raining), grew up here in Portland, Oregon. While you are here for the Open Source Bridge Conference (or before or after) make sure to check out all the connections between the show and our fair city.

For example, Groening named many characters after street dgfev online casino names: (this is just a snippet)

Flanders St. -Ned Flanders

Lovejoy St.- Rev. Timothy Lovejoy

Quimby Street- Mayor Joe Quimby

Top off your Simpsons tour casino online with a visit to the Oregon Zoo to visit Homer the bear. While I”m pretty sure he was named after the show came out, you won”t care, because you used your 20% off Zoo Admission coupon from the Portland Perks book. The one you earned when you signed up for Open Source Bridge and booked a hotel room through us.

Wait? You haven”t done that yet? D”oh!

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