Book a Room Now, Get the Early Bird Rate

We hope you’re getting excited for the conference. With less than a month to go, we’re in the middle of our final preparations, and it’s shaping up to be awesome.

It’s very rewarding to see the near culmination of the brainchild Selena and Audrey birthed back in October. We didn’t really get off the ground until mid-January, so OSB has come together in less than six months.

We’re very proud of our community of volunteers and advocates who have helped make this conference happen. Thank you.

Portland early bird?

Back in the early planning stages, we thought we could attract 300-400 people from out of town. After all, the conference spans technologies and languages, focusing instead on the shared experience of being an open source citizen, something shared by tens of thousands of people within an easy plane flight of Portland.

Plus, other technical conferences held here in Portland have no trouble drawing people from beyond the Rose City.

Unfortunately for us (and many others), personal and corporate budgets aren’t what they were back in the salad days of 2008. Now, our numbers seem woefully optimistic.

We know many of you are waiting until the last minute to register and book your travel. How do we know?

Every time we put a deadline on something (e.g. session submissions, Early Bird pricing), we get a rush of takers up to the final minute before the expiration. Literally.

We know a lot of you haven’t registered, but mean to do so eventually. Hold off for a few minutes because . . .

Here comes another offer with a deadline.

If you book your stay at the Hilton Portland, where the all-hours hacker lounge will be, between now and June 5, we’ll send you a code to get the Early Bird pricing ($175) when you do register.

In summary:

  1. Book the Hilton from our site, or just call our friends at Travel Command.
  2. Wait nervously, refreshing your email.
  3. Receive the secret code from us by email.
  4. Register for the conference.
  5. Save $75 on the full price.
  6. Do your victory dance, you know the one.

Enough about you, let’s talk about us. We want you to come, and we know you want to come. Why not take care of all this now and save us all the stress of waiting until the last minute?

More seriously, we have a contract with the Hilton, which is unfortunately based on the numbers we estimated back in October. We won’t be able to fill that contract, but we’re damned sure going to try our best to make good on it.

Why did we sign a contract? We wanted to work with a local hotel to help the local economy. After all, we <3 Portland, just like we <3 open source. Heck, we even have the Mayor of Portland, Sam Adams, giving the Thursday keynote.

It’s all connected.

So, go forth and book, then register.

We don’t want to punish those of you who have registered. So, if you paid the full price to register, are coming from out of town and haven’t booked the Hilton yet, drop us a note either at info at opensourcebridge dot org or in comments, and we’ll make sure you get the code too.

See you in a few weeks.

Image by beej from Flick used under Creative Commons. Note, we don’t hate birds.

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