Monthly Archives: May 2009

Come to our Volunteer Orientation Meeting

Interested in helping out with Open Source Bridge—and maybe getting to attend for free? You’re in luck. Next week, we’re hosting a Volunteer Orientation where you’ll be able to learn about the available volunteer positions and sign-up for shifts. If you’re interesting in helping, please attend. If you aren’t able to attend, please let Christie […]

Book a Room Now, Get the Early Bird Rate

We hope you’re getting excited for the conference. With less than a month to go, we’re in the middle of our final preparations, and it’s shaping up to be awesome. It’s very rewarding to see the near culmination of the brainchild Selena and Audrey birthed back in October. We didn’t really get off the ground […]

Webtrends is Hosting a Lunch 2.0 for Us

Webtrends, one of our beloved sponsors and a locally-based Portland company, is generously hosting a Lunch 2.0 for us on Thursday, June 4. If you attend Lunch 2.0 in Portland, you may recall we’ve graciously been allotted time to talk about the conference at several Lunch 2.0s already. We even got some air time at […]

Love the LEED

While you are in Portland, for Open Source Bridge, feel free to revel in our LEEDy goodness. What”s LEED? It”s a rating system created by the U.S. Green Building Council and stands for: The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. We have a number of buildings in town that are LEED certified, but I want […]

Open Source Bridge final schedule: Let the “how am I going to go to all of these cool talks?” begin

We, here at Open Source Bridge, have been humbled and awed by the amount of involvement from open source citizens around the world. First, we had a ton of proposal pour into our proposal system. Then we got a ton of comments about which speakers should be selected. Finally, we’ve had continued feedback on the […]