Want a Gold Star?

You know you want one.You know you do.

Deep down inside, you remember back in elementary school how great it was to get that coveted gold star from your favorite teacher.

We at Open Source Bridge know what you want. So, we’re offering you the chance to earn that gold star, or pay for it, your choice.

Very soon, when registering for Open Source Bridge, you will see an option called “Gold Star Registration: Prove you’re a rockstar and put some bling on your badge.” For a pittance (only $275), you can get a gold star on your OSB badge to show how committed you are to being an open source citizen.

Call it flair, call it bling, call it whatever you like.

What it says about you is the important thing, i.e. you care about open source world domination.

We’ll be retroactively offering this to those of you who have already registered (thank you). Simply drop a comment or an email to us (info at opensourcebridge dot org) to get your very own gold star.

So, what will your additional fundage do? Well, it will help us run this conference. If you don’t know already, OSB is 100% volunteer-run, and we operate under the auspices of a non-profit corporation. Any profits from this year’s conference will go into the budget for OSB 2010.

Frankly, we’re not expecting any profits, which is why we’re trying to find more ways to pay for stuff, which seems to get tougher every day.

Anyway, we didn’t forget the non-monetary contributions too. We’ll be putting gold stars on the badges of people who have contributed mountains of time to make OSB a reality. So, they too can show their dedication to domination.

So, if you haven’t registered yet, why not kick in the extra dough to be a gold/rockstar? After all, as @nerdliness noted:


Plus, it’s a small price to pay for rockstar status. We may even devise a secret handshake so gold star attendees can prove their membership in the club.

Update: If you’ve already registered and want to bump up to Gold Star status, drop an email to info at actionreg dot com or call them at 1.360.314.4900 and let them know you’re ready for the big time.

Thanks to John DeRosa, who was also our first registrant, for being the charter Gold Star member. I think Reid will soon be providing blog badge bling for Gold Stars too.

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