Sure to be a hot topic: Future of Java and MySQL

chattingWithout a doubt, the biggest open source story of the day is Oracle’s proposed acquisition of Sun, a move that brings with it the acquisition of both Java and MySQL.

Dana Blankenhorn sees these technologies as notably understated also-rans in the acquisition:

I don’t think mySQL or Java are being given a high value in the deal’s paperwork. Although it will be fun for Oracle to meet all those companies that ditched it for the cheaper open source alternative, and some will shout “antitrust” as a result — in which case Oracle can just spin it out.

For Patrick Thibodeau, the questions about Oracle and MySQL remain a bit murky:

But what will become of Sun’s many other technologies? For one, Ellison barely mentioned the MySQL open-source database, a rival to Oracle’s flagship software that Sun acquired last year. No questions were taken during the conference call, making it impossible to press Ellison on that issue.

While Matt Woodward offers:

Don’t understand the FUD about MySQL. It’s GPL, people–if the community wants it to continue, it’ll continue, no matter what Oracle does.

One thing is for sure: people are talking. And whether it’s Brian Aker’s Drizzle talk, Kurt von Finck’s insight, other proposed MySQL and Java talks, the unconference topics, or simply hacker lounge chatter, there’s absolutely no doubt that this will continue to be a topic of discussion when you’re in Portland in June.

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    We’re having a tweetup to talk things over today at 12:30pm:

    Join us!

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    The way these things usually play out is that the acquiring company does a strategic analysis of all the acquired company’s products and services, and kills off all that aren’t #1 or #2 in their market. Now depending on how you segment / define the database market, MySQL is either #1 in open source databases or a distant also-ran in databases that people actually pay money for. 🙂

    I think Java is a strong contender to survive — there are billions of lines of Java code out there, and no practical open source alternative to the Sun JRE / JDK. I’ve probably got five or ten open-source Java apps on my laptop and workstation, and more are coming every day. I don’t *write* Java apps, but I sure use them!

    OpenSolaris? good luck 🙂 Solaris is a superior operating system to Linux in some dimensions, but can another open source OS compete with Linux and BSD? Can OpenSolaris be #2?

    And jRuby? I think the jRuby/Netbeans/Rails/MySQL package is probably the best way to deploy Rails on a Windows system right now. But who deploys Rails on Windows? Anybody?

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