Monthly Archives: April 2009

Sure to be a hot topic: Future of Java and MySQL

Without a doubt, the biggest open source story of the day is Oracle’s proposed acquisition of Sun, a move that brings with it the acquisition of both Java and MySQL. Dana Blankenhorn sees these technologies as notably understated also-rans in the acquisition: I don’t think mySQL or Java are being given a high value in […]

Open Source Bridge work sprint: Saturday, April 18th, 10am-4pm

Please join us on Saturday, April 18th to work on: Code: Add features to our OpenConferenceWare conference app. Join in if you have Ruby on Rails coding experience. We’re planning to add a schedule grid, personal schedule planner, personal schedule export, and other improvements. Tests: Add specs (tests) to currently uncovered code and refactor code […]

Next Town Hall Meeting is April 21, 2009

Open Source Bridge is hosting another town hall meeting on Tuesday, April 21, 2009 at 7 PM at CubeSpace (located at 622 SE Grand Avenue in Portland). As always, anyone interested in furthering the mission of Open Source Bridge is invited.  We plan to share what we have accomplished so far and strategize together on […]

You Submitted and Forgot to Register?

Now that the mad dash to submit proposals has ended, the content team is hunkering down in an undisclosed, secure facility to lay out exactly what this conference will look like. By the way, thanks to everyone who submitted, tweeted about submitting, blogged about it, nagged friends to do it. You guys are awesome. In […]

Last call: Open Source Bridge proposals, comments, and early bird pricing end

It’s understandable. When we extended the deadline for proposals on March 31, it probably seemed like April 10 was a long, long time away. At that point, your stress level dropped. You probably kicked back, pondered your bevy of potential proposal topics, and actually did rejoice in the fact that you had more time. My […]