Last call: Open Source Bridge proposals, comments, and early bird pricing end

Open Source Bridge after today

Open Source Bridge after today

It’s understandable. When we extended the deadline for proposals on March 31, it probably seemed like April 10 was a long, long time away.

At that point, your stress level dropped. You probably kicked back, pondered your bevy of potential proposal topics, and actually did rejoice in the fact that you had more time.

My how time flies. And here we are again.

Today is the last day to submit proposals for Open Source Bridge talks. It is also the last day to comment on submitted talks. We will close submissions and comments tonight at 11:59:59 PM Pacific time. So you still have a few hours left.

It’s also—as luck would have it—the last day to register for Open Source Bridge at the low, low price of $175.

No more extensions! We’ve lost our lease! Every sale is final! Everything must go! (And any other witty aphorisms of which you can think.)

Unless, of course, you submit a talk that doesn’t get accepted. Then we’ll still extend the early bird pricing to you. (Uh oh. Did I just give you a hint on how to get the early bird pricing after tomorrow?)

But that’s just crazy talk. Because you have a brilliant topic which will, no doubt, be accepted.

Have a great idea? Get it in there. Want to influence the track mix? Please log in and comment. Don’t have any ideas? Tell your idea-laden friends to submit. Petrified by confusion? Register. We guarantee it will cure what ails you.

Still not convinced? 24-hour hacker lounge, my friend.

We’ve had a ton of great talks submitted already. But we’d still like to have yours. And of course, we’d love to have you here in June—at the most cost-effective price available.

Do not delay! The time, as Reid says, is nigh.

(Image courtesy of Cosmic Kitty. Used under Creative Commons.)

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