Monthly Archives: April 2009

Get A Room: Get A Perk

As I”m sure you can probably tell, we love Portland. We love its sights, its sounds and yes, even its rain. And while we know your main reason to visit Portland will be to revel in the loveliness that is the Open Source Bridge conference, we don”t want your delight to stop there. So here”s […]

Open Source Bridge hacker lounge: Make your time

Of the many, many cool things happening at Open Source Bridge, we have to admit: the hacker lounge is one of our favorites. We can’t wait to see what this group of open source citizens create with unlimited 24-hour access to hacking space. If you’re as excited as we are to get to hacking, we’d […]

Help us Produce this Event

Now that speakers and keynotes are announced, we can focus more attention on the logistical pieces of the conference. As we discussed at the town hall last week, we have an immediate need for volunteers that want to help with operational stuff at our venue, the Oregon Convention Center (OCC), and at Hilton Portland, where […]

Announcing the Open Source Bridge conference speakers

After much deliberation, reviewing more than 260 submissions, and taking into account more than 400 comments, it is our honor and pleasure to announce the confirmed Open Source Bridge speakers for 2009. Please bear in mind that there are still some outstanding “accepted but not yet confirmed” speakers, so this list will likely change. For […]

Notes from the Town Hall Meeting

Thank you everyone who came to the town hall meeting last night at CubeSpace. If you missed it, you can view the slides below, or watch the video (thanks Randal Schwartz for streaming this!). Open Source Bridge Town Hall 2 View more presentations from osbridge. I talked about some of the things we’ve been working […]