Monthly Archives: March 2009

Open source and the business world

This week, InfoWorld held their annual Open Source Business Conference (OSBC), a gathering of the leading minds in open source designed to facilitate conversations about the use and development of OSS for the enterprise. OSBC 2009 will tackle the biggest issue in open source today: Open Sourcing the Enterprise. How do we make it safe […]

This Friday’s Beer and Blog: User Group Outreach

Hey Portlanders. You’re probably going to rock out this Friday in Portland with the rest of the Beer and Blog crew at Cubespace.  While you’re waiting for your turn at the mic, consider taking a few minutes to help us out. A group of Open Source Bridge volunteers will be hitting the internet, contacting individuals […]

Open source conference prerequisite #1: Space for hacking

We’ve been to any number of open source conferences. And for as much as we get out of the sessions, we always seem to get just as much—if not more—from the time spent with other developers. Whether it’s camping out in the hallway, hanging out in coffee shops, or late-night code sessions at the hotel, […]

Calling all User Groups

Say you were organizing a kick-ass conference that wasn’t focused on specific technologies or languages, but rather on being an open source citizen. You’d want to contact all the user groups out there, and not just the local ones, hosted in your city, but the ones in other cities around the world. You’d want to […]

Calling all Students

Here’s an Easter Egg that might surprise you. If you’re a student, you can register and attend Open Source Bridge for the low, low price of $99. You read that right. $99 and all you need to do is show us your current student identification when you arrive at the conference. Not a bad deal. […]