Organizing community events

Audrey Eschright, Open Source Bridge co-founder

Audrey Eschright

As we’ve mentioned before, we’re all volunteering to pull Open Source Bridge together. It’s a great deal of effort, but we’re really excited to see the enthusiasm from the community as things begin to take shape.

What are we learning as we work to build an event for open source citizens? You can get a little more insight from Audrey Eschright, one of the co-founders of the Open Source Bridge effort, in a recent interview on Web Worker Daily:

I’ve worked on FOSCON (a free Ruby event that took place during OSCON in previous years), BarCamp Portland, Ignite Portland, WhereCamp Portland, and now Open Source Bridge. The camps (unconferences) were all quite similar to each other to organize, but Open Source Bridge is much bigger than anything else I’ve worked on.

For more of Audrey’s thoughts, read “Audrey Eschright: Web Worker and Community Conference Organizer.”

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