Open source and the business world

Open Source Business Conference

This week, InfoWorld held their annual Open Source Business Conference (OSBC), a gathering of the leading minds in open source designed to facilitate conversations about the use and development of OSS for the enterprise.

OSBC 2009 will tackle the biggest issue in open source today: Open Sourcing the Enterprise.

How do we make it safe and comfortable for enterprise IT buyers – which develop most of the world’s software – to contribute back into the open-source code community, and save money in the process? How do we evolve open-source business models to ensure vendors get paid without resorting to the same lock-in tactics that the proprietary world has used? And how do we hedge against patent trolls and other parasites on the open-source community?

Matthew Aslett managed to capture some of the most thought-provoking quips in a post on The 451 Group’s CAOS Theory blog. Among our favorites?

Michael Skok:
“If we have a better product, and it happens to be open source, we’re going to win. But it has to be in that order.”

Dries Buytaert:
“Open source development communities are always a bit broken. Dysfunction is normal.”

Bob Sutor:
“Most technology vendors wish they developed software not just to the same technical quality but the same process quality, as Linux.”

Maybe you’ve got a few thoughts of your own about open source and the world of business? Good thing we’ve got a Business track at Open Source Bridge so that you can share your insights.

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