Calling all Students

Here’s an Easter Egg that might surprise you.

If you’re a student, you can register and attend Open Source Bridge for the low, low price of $99.

You read that right. $99 and all you need to do is show us your current student identification when you arrive at the conference.

Not a bad deal.


Photo by LWY on Flickr, used under Creative Commons

Since we began organizing the conference last year, we’ve had the help and advice of Bart Massey, an associate professor in the Computer Sciences Department at Portland State University (PSU). Bart was instrumental in helping us secure PSU as a sponsor, and he also supported our desire to keep the cost as affordable as possible for students.

We’re planning a conference for developers, by developers, and Open Source Bridge will be a three-day crash course in open source citizenry, giving attendees access to all aspects of open source through our famous five tracks: Cooking, Chemistry, Hacking, Culture and Business.

Say you’re a CS student. Chances are you know about open source and maybe you already contribute. Come to the conference, check out projects and meet the people who write the code. Find a project, or just dip your toe in the pool and see if you like it. (If you’re already swimming in open source and have a project you’re excited about, consider submitting a proposal.)

Say you’re an IT or IS student. Ditto. You probably know about open source. Maybe you don’t contribute, but you want to know what’s what because you’re smart and you know that increasingly, employers are evaluating open source for enterprise use. Here’s your chance to get an edge; come to the conference, meet the people who write the code, ask them the hard questions, watch and learn.

Say you’re a business student. You don’t write code, but you’ve got big ideas. You’re just looking for the right technical people to help you realize your vision. Come to the conference, check out the business tracks, and mix and mingle in the hacker lounge. Maybe you’ll find a startup partner.

Sound enticing? Don’t over-think it, register now, make sure to pick the student rate, and tell all your friends.

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