Monthly Archives: February 2009

Conference and hotel registration is now open!

We are happy to announce that registration is now open for Open Source Bridge. Early bird pricing is $175 for the three-day conference. (Open Source Bridge is a completely volunteer-run event, so all proceeds go to the costs of the conference.) You’ll want to register as soon as you can, because that price goes up […]

Peeking at the proposals: Cooking

We’ve had the Open Source Bridge call for proposals open for a few weeks now, and we’re already starting to see some great concepts rolling in. But we can’t keep all this goodness to ourselves. That’s why the proposal system is open—so that you can read about what’s being submitted and comment on which proposals […]

Becoming an “open source citizen”

As we’ve begun introducing Open Source Bridge to the community, we’ve described it as a conference about “open source citizenship.” But what does that mean, exactly? Audrey Eschright, one of the co-founders of the conference, took some time to delve into the concept of open source citizenship: We’re planning a conference that will connect developers […]

When is Open Source Bridge?

Everything is beginning to fall into place. We’re mobilizing our incredible volunteers. We’ve begun accepting proposals for talks. And now, we’re pleased to announce that we have finalized the dates for Open Source Bridge. (Which means those folks who submit proposals will actually have somewhere to talk.) Save the date. The conference will be held […]

Call for Proposals: We welcome your ideas (until March 31)

We are happy to announce that the Open Source Bridge Call for Proposals is now open! We would love to hear all of those interesting ideas you have in your head—and so would everyone else. That’s why we will be accepting your proposals for Open Source Bridge talks through March 31. What kind of proposals, […]