Monthly Archives: January 2009

Open Source Bridge: Hitting the ground running in 2009

Maybe it’s just me, but today seems an especially appropriate day to talk about dreams. While Selena’s and Audrey’s dream might not be as far-reaching as the dreams of Dr. King, it is a significant dream, nonetheless. It’s a dream of an Open Source conference for developers, by developers. An Open Source conference that focuses […]

Calling all Accountants

Update: We found someone. Kari, one of Audrey’s friends, has graciously agreed to help me with the accounting duties. Hi there. If you don’t already know me, I’m “the Finance guy” on this ship. When Audrey and Selena first asked me to help out and be “the Finance guy”, I remember wondering why Finance was […]

Content Committee Commences!

The Open Source Bridge Content team is ready to kick off 2009 with a meeting on Tuesday, January 13, 7pm at Cubespace in the Roman Room. We’ll be going over our content areas, reviewing our initial call for papers, talking about our philosophy for the conference and assigning leads for each of the content areas. […]