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Submit your 2014 proposals today!

We are pleased to announce that our call for talk proposals is now open! The deadline for submitting your proposal is 11:59 PM PT (UTC–8:00) on 4 April, 2014*. Read on for complete details.

Our Goal

Open Source Bridge’s purpose is to gather a diverse citizenry and inspire one another to make the world a better place through open source technology and open culture principles.

This makes Open Source Bridge stand out from other community-driven technology conferences. Instead of focusing on a single language, platform, or area of knowledge, we work to unite people across the spectrum of open technology and culture.

We are looking for people from all backgrounds and areas of experience to submit talk proposals. Your starting point could be web development, project management, open hardware engineering, security, quality assurance, data visualization, or user experience.

If you work or play in open source, we want to hear from you. Let us know how you are building your communities, small or large. All speaking experience levels are welcome.

Some talks from past years that we really liked and felt captured the spirit of our event include:

Conference Tracks

We’ve split the tracks into the following five areas in order to create a conference that promotes cross-pollination and provide space for detailed discussion:

  • Business: How do you contribute to open technology and culture projects while still putting food on the table and paying the bills? How do you run a business on open principles?
  • Cooking: How did you get something to work? Show us how to write the script, configure the utility, debug the code. Share your best recipes.
  • Chemistry: We know that a recipe works, but why? Show us the science behind the recipe. Explain the components of a project and how they interact.
  • Culture: Give us your people recipes! What makes open technology and culture communities effective? Demonstrate how you motivate people to work together well.
  • Hacks: We want to know how you pulled it off. Show us your most ingenious hacks, kludges, work-arounds, and duct-tape jobs. It doesn’t have to be clever or elegant, it just has to work!

Don’t fret too much about selecting the perfect track. If you’re not sure, drop us a note. If we think you’ve mis-categorized something, we’ll ask you about it.

Public Proposals & Feedback Wanted

All proposals are public (except for fields marked private to organizers) and we encourage everyone to read through the submitted ones, leave comments and favorite talks you would like to see at the conference. Your feedback is extremely useful to our content selection committee. If you’ve submitted a talk, publicize it and ask others to leave feedback.

Also, all proposals also have a unique identifier (like a course number) you can use to tag your blog posts or other online content with discussion and related materials. Later we’ll use this ID to connect the conference sessions with content from around the web.

Encourage Others to Submit

Not prepared to give a talk at Open Source Bridge, but have someone in mind you’d like to see speak? Send them a note and let them know.

Speaker Benefits

If you are selected to speak at Open Source Bridge, we will waive your attendance fee. We regret that we are not able to cover the cost of travel or lodging for speakers at this time. By not covering travel costs for our speakers, we are able to keep ticket prices low and make the conference accessible to the largest number of participants possible. However, if your proposal is accepted but you are unable to come due to travel costs, please let us know and we will do what we can to help out.

Speaking at Open Source Bridge is a fantastic way to participate in the conference. Start working on your proposal today and then submit it here.

Additionally, all those who submit a proposal but are not selected to speak will receive a $25 discount on the current registration price.

Acceptance Notifications

Proposal acceptances and wait-list notifications will be sent by 23 April.


If you have any questions, please drop us a line and let us know.

*While it’s true that in previous years we have extended the deadline, this is never a guarantee. Get your proposal in early!

Volunteer Appreciation Party – August 24, 2013

Did you volunteer at Open Source Bridge? Want to help out with next year’s event? Come party!

To celebrate all of the amazing volunteers who came together to make Open Source Bridge a rousing success this year, we’re throwing a little shindig. Join us on Saturday, August 24 for a picnic in the park with roller skating!

We’ll be providing some party trays from Nicholas Restaurant, picking up some beverages, and securing an alcohol permit for the park. Feel free to bring food or drinks to share (vegan/vegetarian preferred) or games to play.

The Details

Saturday, August 24, 2013
Picnic starts at 1:30pm
Skating starts at 3:30pm
View on Calagator

Mt. Scott Park & Roller Rink
View Map

Thanks again for all your help making Bridge a success. We hope to see you at the party!

Bridge speakers at OSCON

We love our speakers. And want to promote their other talking engagements. If you’re attending OSCON this week, be sure to check out the scheduled sessions of these knowledgeable speakers:

For more information about all the talks, go to the full lists of OSCON speakers and Open Source Bridge speakers.

A few last notes for 2013…

It’s been a month since Open Source Bridge and we’d like to thank you once again for helping to make the conference great.

We have a few final loose ends to tie up, announcements to make, and notes to pass on:

Feedback, Please!

Take our attendee survey and let us know your thoughts on the conference. We strive to make things better each year, and your feedback is incredibly helpful in doing that.

You can already register for next year’s conference!

Open Source Bridge 6 will take place in Portland from June 24-27, 2014. If you’re planning to return, why not pick up your ticket now for only $175?

Did you write about or post photos of this year’s conference?

We’d love to know about it! Drop us a note at and we’ll include it in our round up of conference coverage.

Session Notes

Want to catch up on a talk you missed? Do you have session notes sitting around on your laptop, yearning to be shared? All sessions have a dedicated notes page on our wiki. Please take a look around and update talks with any notes you took during talks.

Session Audio and Video

We’re working on getting audio and video from the conference session online. So far, we’ve got recordings of our morning keynote sessions online. Keep an eye on our blog and twitter feed for media updates.

Lose something?

We have a few items in our lost and found box that we’d love to return to their owners. If you arrived home without an item and want to see if we have it, email

Congratulations to this year’s citizenship award winner!

At Thursday’s party, we presented Lukas Blakk with our 2013 award for open source citizenship award, for her contributions to open source, through her work at Mozilla, and for her tireless efforts reaching out to and supporting new contributors from underrepresented populations.

Thank You Sponsors!

Thank you so much to this year’s sponsors for supporting Open Source Bridge: Intel, Mozilla, Rentrak and other Citizens and Friends.

Want to Help us with Next Year’s Conference?

If you were inspired by this year’s team of friendly volunteers, and want to join us, please let us know.

We look forward to seeing you next June!

Congratulations to our 2013 citizenship award winner: Lukas Blakk!

Bonjour Lukas!

Each year at Open Source Bridge, we like to recognize an outstanding attendee through our open source citizenship award. Based on community nominations, we look for someone who has put in extra effort to share knowledge and make the open source world a better place.

This year, our award went to Lukas Blakk for her contributions to open source, through her work at Mozilla, and for her tireless efforts reaching out to and supporting new contributors from underrepresented populations.

Thank you, Lukas, for your ardent dedication to increasing diversity in open source and culture communities.