2014 Conference Team

Conference Chairs

Christie Koehler is an experienced software engineer, technical project manager, community organizer and speaker. She works at Mozilla (makers of Firefox) as a project manager on the Developer Evangelist team. Christie is Co-founder and President of the nonprofit Stumptown Syndicate. Additionally, Christie facilitates two monthly user groups for women in technology: Code ‘n’ Splode and Women Who Hack.

Reid Beels writes code, dyes pixels by hand, takes photos, and thinks a lot about how things ought to work. He’s rather fond of bringing enthusiastic, awesome, people together to share knowledge and solve problems. Reid is Co-founder and Secretary of Stumptown Syndicate, the nonprofit that puts on Open Source Bridge each year.


Kirsten Comandich runs registration and helps with tech for Open Source Bridge. She’s a web developer and one of many organizers of the local Ruby meetings. She loves to travel, is learning Japanese, and occasionally attempts to read what Japanese developers say on Twitter. Kirsten is the Stumptown Syndicate board Treasurer and also volunteers for the annual nonprofit Cycle Oregon bike ride. In 2004, she ran the Zimbabwean Music Festival at Reed College and has served on the Zimfest board of directors.

Melissa Chavez is a data journalist who utilizes open source technology in her research, mapping, and reporting. She is also Communication Chair and a board member of Stumptown Syndicate. In her free time, she documents street art, records locations of unisex and gendered restrooms in the metro area, reads sci-fi, and admires people’s awesome hats.

Volunteer Coordination

Josh Heumann writes code for humans to read, translates flawlessly between geek and human, can huck a frisbee accurately, play the ukulele moderately well, take a decent photo, and transfer a decent Polaroid. He spent 5 years working in Melbourne, Australia, and 3 years prior to that as the head of the Portland Perlmongers. He previously volunteered for Open Source Bridge before becoming the Volunteer Coordinator.

Chris Freeman is a computer engineer who loves to work on web development projects when he’s not working on custom IC or FPGA designs. He developed the volunteer web app for Open Source Bridge using django/python. Chris also volunteers for annual nonprofit Cycle Oregon bike ride. He helped support the 2003, 2004, 2011, 2012, and 2013 Zimbabwean Music Festivals and served on the nonprofit Zimfest Association board of directors in 2011-2013.


Sherri Montgomery started out her tech career as a Sun Solaris systems administrator, but now is an IT business systems analyst. She is a professional data monger who administers systems that manage access & reporting against large data warehouses for hundreds of users. Sherri also helps clients identify processes clearly, writes functional requirements & use cases, coordinates technical & acceptance testing, and herds projects from development to implementation. Sherri is a Yoga Alliance certified teacher and enjoys bringing yoga classes to tech events. Sherri writes, creates awesome vegan food, gardens, hikes and makes art.