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Open Source Bridge is an annual conference focused on building open source community and citizenship through four days of technical talks, hacking sessions, and collaboration opportunities. Participants include developers, hardware hackers, community organizers, and people involved in the business of open source.








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Open Source Citizenship

What are the rights and responsibilities of an open source citizen? We’re exploring what open source means to us, what it offers, where we struggle, and why we do this day in and day out, even when we’re not paid for it.

Innovative Track Structure

Our session tracks are technology agnostic, based around shared community experiences and focus on the similarities between projects, not the differences. View the tracks.

Hacker Lounge

The geekery doesn’t end when the sessions do. We’re also running a hacker lounge for code sprints, bug bashes, bouncing ideas, starting new projects or just mingling and taking in the vibe.

100% Volunteer-Run

Your software is peer-produced. Why not your conference? Open Source Bridge is pioneered and planned by a team of open source developers and technologists. What’s more, we’ve built an open source application to manage talk proposals.

We need your help! Volunteer through our webapp for 8 hours or more to earn a free registration code for this year. Do it Now!

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Open Source Bridge: Day 3, Thurs, June 22

Good morning everyone,

We’ve made it to Day 3 of Open Source Bridge 2017!

For those who need to pick up their badge, registration opens at 8am, with plenty of coffee and tea. At 9am, keynoter Emily Gorcenski will lead us through a study of fake science in open data. If you don’t mind being on video, we’d love to have you join us in the Sanctuary by 8:30am to capture some audience shots for the keynote recording.

In addition to all the Thursday sessions, our Official Party will kick off onsite at 7pm, with games, food, and even a chiptune band!

Our venue is the Eliot Center on 1226 SW Salmon St, with the main entrance in between SW 12th and SW 13th. If you’d like to post about OSB on social media, our hashtag is #osb17 and you can tweet at us via @osbridge.


Citizenship Award:

Every year, we recognize an outstanding attendee at Open Source Bridge. Is there someone who’s improved your experience at OSB? Is there someone whose open source contributions you want to say thank you for? We’d love your nominations before 6pm TONIGHT! The recipient will be revealed at our Official Party in the evening.

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